CFE set to deliver series of pollinator events across UK

CFE BeeBy Jim Egan, Head of Training & Development at the GWCT Allerton Project

During the coming five weeks the Campaign for the Farmed Environment are delivering a series of events focusing on pollinators and their benefits to farm businesses. The events will vary slightly across the country but will have the same core theme of demonstrating how farmers can help pollinator populations on their farms.

There will also be information on the various ways this work can be delivered on farm; this will encompass voluntary management, utilising Ecological Focus Areas (EFA’s) under greening and how an application to the Countryside Stewardship Scheme might work on a farm.

Jim Egan, Head of Training & Development at the Allerton Project and Chair of the CFE National Delivery Group says "This series of events have been tailored to local needs and will be delivered by local CFE Coordinators and partner organisations; it’s a great opportunity for farmers to learn more about pollinators and how they can manage their to encourage increasing populations."

It’s also a chance to consider how that management can fit within a profitable farm business. During this year there are a significant number of farmers whose ELS agreements will be coming to an end; some people will want to consider Countryside Stewardship as a way of supporting their commitment to good environmental management but this scheme won’t work for everyone so these events will be a great opportunity for people to consider their next steps”

Jim goes on to say, "We hope that farmers will take advantage of these events, booking a place is easy and can be done online, there is no charge for a place and there will be a good range of speakers ready to help with farmer focussed advice".

Phil Jarvis, Head of Farming at the Allerton Project says “The farmed environment is becoming increasingly important and pollinators play a part, helping both crop production and natural pest control".

To book your place visit the CFE website.


Pollinator events

at 10:43 on 28/06/2016 by Mark Welch

Please do not forget that FLIES of many kinds are also important pollinators in farmland and beyond. For example, read... Proc. R. Soc. B 282: 20142934. http://dx.doi.org/10.1098/rspb.2014.2934

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