Shoot Benchmarking Survey closing soon: guest blog by Savills

Over 50% of shoots which let days, plan to increase their charges next season according to the responses we have received back so far to the Shoot Benchmarking survey which is run in partnership with the GWCT. In most cases this is by £1-2 per bird shot. This suggests that shoots continue to face inflating costs. Past participants in our free Shoot Benchmarking exercise have successfully used their reports to revise their charges and control their costs.

Shootbenchmarking Survey

The report allows them to identify areas of strength and weakness in their performance against the ‘benchmark’, so corrective action can be taken if needed. It can answer questions such as: Are your poult or feed costs too high or charge rates per bird too low? Are your permanent and casual staff rates of pay competitive to attract the best people? How do your percentage returns for the season compare against other shoots?

Each shoot receives a detailed report from our research team, based on a traffic light system of performance scores. In addition, only those who take part get to see the full results and analysis. It is totally confidential and no shoot is identifiable in the published flyers we use.

If you are interested in receiving a report for your shoot click here to take part.

The survey will be closing soon.


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