Butterfly numbers 2.2 times higher in managed game woods

With Sir David Attenborough today voicing his concern for UK butterfly populations I was reminded of some of the findings from our 2005 study into the effects of pheasant management at wood edges.


As the graph above shows, butterfly numbers were 2.2 times higher at game woods than in non-game woods in East Anglia. The number of butterfly species was also 1.5 times higher.

Game woods had a more sloping profile and 1.3 times greater shrub cover up to 4 metres high than non-game woods in Eaat Anglia, but not in Hampshire. Also shrub density 10 metres inside the wood was 1.7 times higher in game woods than non-game woods in East Anglia, but not Hampshire.

Click here to read our study into the effects of pheasant management at wood edges as featured in our 2005 Annual Review.

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