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You’ve treated yourself to the latest tweed, possibly a new shotgun and you’re ready for some action in the field. You might have the right wellies, but has your vehicle got the right footwear?

For a successful day on the field, let’s get your 4x4 working to its full potential! Having chosen the right vehicle; it’s having the tyres that will get your 4x4 over any terrain that lies ahead.

Whether you spend your time driving mostly on the road or off-road, General Tire have a wide range of tyres for the grip you need. Fitting the right tyres will help you to get the most out of the work you do and the lifestyle you lead.

Grabber AT3 - Shotgun

General Tire, a brand of Continental, have one of the most comprehensive range of 4x4 products on the market. Each one suitable for your drive. To help you to decide what tyres are right for your vehicle, here are some frequently asked questions General Tire are often asked:

What tyres should I fit to my 4x4 if I mainly drive on the road?

The answer is to fit a road pattern and General Tire recommends its Grabber GT tyres. They will offer a high level of safety with excellent performance when braking on dry and wet roads. The tread design guarantees outstanding handling characteristics in these weather conditions. It’s a tyre that has been specifically developed for high-powered SUVs and off-road vehicles.

Is an all-terrain tyre suitable for the road?

The answer is yes! All-terrain tyres, as described, are very practical if you’re driving on all kinds of surfaces. General’s Grabber AT3, will offer a smoother and more comfortable driving experience on the road. This is the result of how the tread blocks are distributed which gives a nice even footprint. So, the journey from home to a shoot, will be more pleasurable with the AT3s fitted to your 4x4. Also, with the AT3’s robust compound, this will improve the life of the tyre.


How does an all-terrain differ from a road tyre?

Tyres that are suitable for the road are designed with a milder pattern. Whereas, an all-terrain tyre is more aggressive so that it can perform off-road as well.

How does the AT3 perform off-road?

The AT3 will deliver outstanding grip when you’re driving off-road. The tread blocks ensure you have exceptional grip on loose surfaces. And, when you encounter mud, to avoid you from getting stuck, the AT3’s tread features provide an effective self-cleaning action.

Dave Carrie, World Clay Shooting Champion upgraded his Range Rover and fitted the Grabber AT3s to his vehicle and from being initially sceptical of regularly using off-road tyres for daily use, he has said: “I am so pleased that I have finally found tyres that enable me to have the best of both worlds, without the need to swap sets, from summer to winter tyres.”

Dave Carrie - Shooting

More recently, the South African off-road magazine, SA4X4 compared 17 of the industry’s leading all-terrain products by 16 different tyre manufacturers. The magazine concluded that the Grabber AT3 was the “best all-rounder tyre in the country”, winning the tyre test.

What tyres do I need for off-road driving?

Although the Grabber AT3 has great off-road capabilities, the Grabber X3, which is a mud-terrain tyre delivers grip in extreme conditions.

Is a mud-terrain tyre specifically for muddy conditions?

No. But the X3 does performs outstandingly well in the mud. The tyre has an aggressive open tread pattern for high levels of traction and the evacuation channels between the tread blocks are great for efficient self-cleaning. Though not only is the X3 perfect for muddy conditions, it delivers in the dirt and on rocky surfaces too. You will find the grip on dirt tracks from the tyre’s traction notches and is protected against punctures from the stone bumpers between the tread blocks. These features will also offer grip on rocky terrain. Whilst the sidewall lugs and defection ribs are designed to protect the body of the tyre. The tyre also benefits from excellent road manners, probably one of the quietest mud tyres in this sector.


The experts from LRO Magazine put the Grabber X3 in a head-to-head against the industry’s leading mud-terrain tyre and came out ahead of its fellow-American competitor when climbing out of muddy ruts, driving through deep mud filled holes and tackling muddy slopes. “The General Grabber X3 takes the overall honors through its sidewall grip for climbing out of ruts, and gripping and turning in gloopy mud. It’s also quieter at speed and delivers better braking on wet roads,” the experts wrote in their final assessment.

To learn more about the General Tire product range, technical advice or details of your nearest 4x4 tyre specialist, visit our website, email info@4site4x4tyres.co.uk or call us on 0870 112 9401.


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