Productive soils: Our letter published in Farmers Guardian

THE Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust's (GWCT) Allerton Project has been carrying out research into management of productive soils for many years, from experimental plot to landscape scale. Our 3,000-hectare 'water-friendly farming' experiment suggests soil is being lost from farmland in the study area at a rate of about 0.5 tonnes/hectare/year. Like many of the figures we read or hear about, this is difficult to interpret, but is a clear indication things are not as they should be (Degrading of soils costing £1.2 billion each year, FG, December 7). Compaction and run-off are major underlying issues affecting agricultural production, water quality and flood risk.

As farmers across the country know all too well, addressing these connected issues is no easy matter, but our experimental plot research is investigating a range of measures to help us achieve this

Chris Stoate,

Head of GWCT's Allerton Project research.

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