Natural Resources Wales – proposals for shooting – GWCT response


Proposals for shooting over Natural Resources Wales (NRW) land have now been published. The GWCT believes their conclusions are well considered and should be adopted – you are encouraged to share your views with NRW here.


  1. Firearms should continue to be a NRW conservation tool on land it manages.
  2. NRW should continue to consider applications from others wishing to use firearms as a conservation tool on NRW land.
  3. NRW should continue to consider the leasing of land for pheasant shooting, wildfowling and other pursuits involving firearms.

The alternatives to firearms

The full detail can be read here but these proposals are entirely in line with the GWCT written recommendation to NRW.

  • 13 GWCT peer-reviewed scientific papers were included in the NRW Synthesis of Evidence.
  • Alternatives to firearms (contraception, forest design and do nothing) are unrealistic.
  • Fox control can have important conservation benefits.
  • The Welsh Government code on fox snaring requires the use of firearms to humanely dispatch a restrained fox (there are no alternatives to this).
  • Ending released gamebird shooting may:

    - Result in the loss of income for communities.
    - Reduced recreation, which may affect health and wellbeing.
    - Increase in shoots taking place on more sensitive sites elsewhere.
    - Increase in antisocial behaviour in woodlands where sporting rights have been withdrawn.

Assessment of the GWCT 

All 36 submissions to the NRW review were assessed through independent academics. GWCT members that helped us prepare our paper will be delighted to read:

“Of all the submissions, the work of the GWCT is, in our opinion, the most sophisticated, and based on extensive empirical work and peer-reviewed research papers. Their work also underpins the Code of Good Shooting Practice which is universally supported by the shooting community. This portfolio of work should be granted greater significance.”

Sue Evans – GWCT Director Wales

“NRW must be congratulated on their open and transparent approach to addressing concerns raised by those seeking to ban shooting. This detailed assessment shows that a firearm is not only a vital conservation tool but a way of providing jobs and social cohesion in rural Wales.”

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