Rural Broadband: guest blog by C&R Technologies Ltd

GWCT-CLA-2014-313By Stephen Roberts, Marketing and Sales Director, C&R Technologies Ltd

C&R Technologies Ltd are extremely pleased to have been asked once again to provide the GWCT stand at the 2018 Game Fair with one of our fast (20Mbps down and 6Mbps upload), reliable satellite broadband systems and associated FREE Wi-Fi and VoIP Telephony service for it’s members and guests.

We will also be demonstrating a 4G mobile broadband link and will be on hand during the event to answer all your questions about Rural Broadband.

If you can’t make the event, please feel free to email your questions to us via info@candrtechnologies.com, or call us Free on 0800 2989368 or follow us on Twitter - @RuralBROADband1

We’ve been in the telecommunications satellite and antenna business since 2007 and there are now over 4,000 sites benefiting from satellite broadband (no phone line required) across the UK.

Testimonial from one of our rural clients

"We now have fast broadband at the farm! Thanks to C&R @RuralBroadband1"

Fast Rural Broadband Testimonial via Twitter from @wodehill, Farm, Bedfordshire - Oliver Hudson

Satellite Broadband - How it Works

ToowaydiagramTraditional "wired" internet services connect you to the internet using copper phone lines, or if you are really very lucky, fibre optic cables. This works well if you live near an exchange or street cabinet, but less so if you live more remotely, or even if the cables between you and your exchange/cabinet take a tortuous route.

Satellite Broadband uses a dish on your building allowing the signal to be bounced from your computer, via a modem / router off a satellite and connect with the internet. As Broadband via Satellite doesn't rely on miles of cables to connect you to the internet, it can deliver fast reliable, quality connections practically anywhere in the UK and most of Europe.

Our systems are proven to support the following:-

  • VoIP telephones (no BT line req’d)
  • Web browsing
  • Email
  • VPNs
  • Live Streaming (YouTube, on-line training videos etc)
  • Video conferencing
  • Catch up TV
  • Remote desk top access
  • Cloud based systems such as Microsoft365

*System speeds - 20MBps (max headline rate download and 6MBps upload)

GWCT-CLA-2014-047With many years’ experience providing broadband without a phone line to businesses both large and small, please feel free to visit our website.

Or just give us a call on 0800 298 9368 to discuss your requirements and the technology options available to you.


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