Grouse moor changes would lead to loss of important biodiversity: Our letter to The Telegraph


It’s a shame that BBC Springwatch presenter Chris Packham does not like heather-dominated grouse moors, but their global importance was ratified in the 1992 Rio Convention on Biodiversity (Chris Packham launches campaign calling for ‘barren’ Scottish grouse moor overhaul, November 6).

They did this because these actively managed moors support thirteen of the EU listed plant communities and a unique collection of bird assemblages, containing eighteen species of European or international importance. Those opposed to grouse shooting should remember that changing to the alternatives, commercial forestry or sheep farming, will result in a loss of this globally important biodiversity.

Andrew Gilruth
Director of Communications
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

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Grouse Moors

at 18:19 on 16/11/2018 by Tim Brain

I see Packham is suggesting that grouse moors should be used to produce more sheep. Has he not read the latest 'advice' from the climate change lobby, which is advocating that that the nation flock should be reduced by up to a half, because the methane produced is considered one of the worst 'green -house gases'? Incidentally the same 'advice' says the national herd should also be cut.

Grouse moors & Packham

at 8:44 on 15/11/2018 by JE Spackman

Is it not time that the BBC got rid of Packham !!

Chris Packham

at 18:42 on 13/11/2018 by Deborah Hackett

Chris P was given a rather large time slot on a BBC Radio Scotland early evening news programme last week to expound his views, unchallenged, on grouse moors and grouse shooting. It was an incredibly long tirade and no one seemed to have been invited to put the opposite point of view; if I remember correctly I think there was a brief statement from the Scottish Gamekeepers Association. I yelled at the radio, as I suspect, did anyone else of sound mind with knowledge of field sports!

Grouse Moors and heather

at 16:19 on 13/11/2018 by Colin Campbell

Packham's totally blinkered approach to Grouse Moors gives no consideration to the prospect of acres and acres of rank heather growing up like a vast micro forest with absolutely nothing growing or surviving beneath it. It is the diversity of growth in managed moors that provides the ideal environment for all moorland bird species - not just grouse - which also, from Packham's viewpoint, provides raptors with their existence. Surely the example of Langholm is a stark lesson to the misguided gospel according to Packham and his friends. Colin Campbell

Moors the pitty

at 12:31 on 13/11/2018 by Simon kibble

I have to say that the numerous attacks on grouse shooting by Chris Packham is concerning especially when he is so well informed/educated on matters to do with nature . Perhaps he needs to go on a refresher course for some well needed C.P.D. As it's always refreshing to see the g w.c.t reply which points out matter of fact information ,often the reverse of which Peckham has soured, I wonder how it is perceived by the masses. And what would the likes of Sir David Attenborough think of matters. It would be most interesting to see his point of view be put out there as his following is huge. Action being a better option to reaction .

Grouse moors.

at 12:52 on 09/11/2018 by George Harrison

It is of no interest to wildlife,conservation or wild life programmes if people can not do research with scaremongering programmes.

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