Heavy price to pay for loss in wildlife: Our letter to The Times

Sir, Chris Luffingham suggests pheasant shooting is just about the money (Pheasant is for rich and poor, say under-fire shoots, Oct 4) however, repeated GWCT studies have shown it is also about conservation. In one study of 34 farms, we found that those with a shoot had 30% more farmland birds. These species may be declining but can clearly thrive where shoot management is providing places for them to nest, food for them to eat, and reducing fox and crow numbers to help their survival. When Natural Resources Wales reviewed this, and other evidence, they concluded that pheasant shooting should continue on their land. However, they then took the bizarre decision to ignore their own recommendation. The taxpayer is left with the bill for both the review and now the wildlife that will be lost.

Andrew Gilruth

GWCT director of communications


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