Attention corvid trappers (in England)!

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From midnight tonight it will be illegal to trap, shoot (or otherwise kill or take) the General Licence species such as crows, magpies and woodpigeons in England. (More here.)

Natural England is preparing its new licences. We are expecting to hear more about its new Individual Licences today, and developments on its other new licences next week.

What about my Larsen trap?

In England, it will be illegal to use a Larsen trap from midnight tonight (until you are covered by the replacement licensing system).

What should I do with my trap?

1)   We recommend you render it inoperable (preferably locked) or, where possible, bring them in. Otherwise, turn them upside down to remove any doubt that the trap is out of use.
2)   You must remove any trapped birds, or calling birds from your Larsen traps in England from before midnight tonight.

Do I have to kill or release my calling birds before midnight too?

No. You may keep these in an aviary, where you must provide (per the Animal Welfare Act 2006):

  • Food
  • Water
  • Shelter
  • Perches
  • Inspect them at least daily

How big must the aviary be?

As a general rule, the minimum size requires each bird to be able to fully extend its wings in all directions. A Larsen trap compartment size is normally too small, hence Larsen traps must not be used as aviaries.

If you have further questions, please contact:

Natural England
County Hall, Spetchley Road
United Kingdom 

Email: enquiries@naturalengland.org.uk
Telephone: 0300 060 3900
Opening times: 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

Please ring Natural England directly with any further questions you may have.

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at 8:02 on 26/04/2019 by rob bowbrick

This lunacy has not happened in scotland or wales ,why here! and why has it been done on the advise of a celebrity tv presenter,the lunatics are now funning the asylum. I am seriously considering moving to another country that is FREE

Corvid ban

at 7:13 on 26/04/2019 by Nigel Kingston

I have trapped magpies and crows for a number of years now opposite and around our house the tree sparrow and song bird population has increased and we have a number of grey cartridges locally . BTO ring the tree sparrows and I'm disgusted by this ban as I know that without control we will see a further explosion of one of the most serious dangers to our small bird population


at 20:54 on 25/04/2019 by Michael Barker

Why have I fed my bluetits etc all winter to let magpies now eat the little 🐤 chicks and eggs NE needs to get proper people to give advice to them who live in the countryside and under stand not some one that gets paid to say things the BBC tells them to god help us all very conserned

Corvid licences

at 18:17 on 25/04/2019 by P Straker

Difficult to Farm or protect farm animals and small bird species , especially at this time of year, with this crazy ban Corby crow plucked eye from live Lamb this week - frequent occurrence Pigeons on crops

Corvid shooting ban

at 17:59 on 25/04/2019 by Wally French

What planet are NE on??!! They bring in a ban with no consultation and no means of getting a licence right at the start of the nesting season for ground nesting birds. Does NE now value corvids higher than than the Curlews, Lapwings, Grouse, Plovers, Terns, Pheasant, Partridges etc that massive amounts of time and research has been put into by professional bodies like the Game Conservancy trying to find ways of increasing the numbers? An absolute disgrace.

Corvid ban

at 15:52 on 25/04/2019 by Terence Lyons

Natural England have created havoc with the housebuilding industry from 2005 over the protection of ground nesting birds, when the problem is principally through predation by corvids. Now they are themselves guilty of the deaths of these internationally protected birds.

Corbin trapping ban

at 15:23 on 25/04/2019 by Anne Cottam

Although only a smallholder, I have witnessed the destruction of nests including 5 magpies all pecking madly at a nest of my bantam eggs in the Long grass round my veg garden, while the bantam was off the nest for her once-a-day 20 mins exercise, preen of feathers feed and drink. Many small birds suffer the same in the wild

corvid ban

at 15:14 on 25/04/2019 by s. marshall

I am disgusted with NE at the lack of notice or their replacement licensing system and the fact that you cannot get through on the telephone to them with questions. Who is the responsible person for this?:

Corvid Ban

at 12:39 on 25/04/2019 by Johnny Jones

Why did they revoke the licence and therefore ban the killing of these pests instead of preparing a new licence with the changes on it and let it overlap as such , this could have prevented irreparable damage done over the 4 day ban ?

Corvid License

at 12:39 on 25/04/2019 by David Ramply

Please inform NE and Mr Packham the necessity of controlling corvids especially at this time of year.

Traaping and shooting

at 12:10 on 25/04/2019 by Mrs Joan burnett

It seems a small group, 3, of extreme "environmentalists" have instituted the debate and subsequent ban. I doubt if any of them have ever had a proper job which has anything to do with how things really work in the real world, not their fantasy of it. All organisations can do is monitor the effects of this crazy ban and hope to get it overturned ASAP. I really fear for farming and countryside pursuits if this is a taste of what Brexit is going to be like.

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