TV naturalist forgets the facts in scathing attack of grouse moors: Our letter to the Independent

Chris Packham appears to have forgotten facts that even the government recognises (‘Ruthless cull’: Hundreds of thousands of animals being killed on private estates to protect grouse shooting, Chris Packham says, July 31).

Our heather moorlands, the sort best maintained and protected by grouse shooting, were recognised as globally important by the Rio Convention nearly 30 years ago. This is no surprise because they support 13 plant communities listed in the Habitats Directive and 18 bird species of international importance. Those seeking to criticise grouse moor management should remember that, where it has ceased, we have lost over 40 percent of this precious heather cover. Worse, in North Wales, many species including curlew, lapwing and golden plover declined to the point where they are extinct in some areas. Of greatest concern is that our recent scientific studies have revealed that simply reinstating grouse moor management after such dramatic losses will not necessarily reverse them. In light of these findings, it would appear utterly reckless to suggest there is a fundamental problem with the way gamekeepers manage and protect one of our most cherished landscapes – heather moorland.

Andrew Gilruth

Director of communications GWCT

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at 13:54 on 06/08/2019 by Alan Butler

This can’t possibly be the same Packham that recently stated that Deer (species not specified) should be shot to protect Nightingale eggs and young could it? Why does anyone give any credence to this hypocritical bigot?


at 13:25 on 06/08/2019 by Bill Thtelfall

This man should learn to keep his big mouth well and truly SHUT. Before he makes comments he should read about what he knows nothing about which just shows he cannot do research.

Chris Packham

at 13:12 on 06/08/2019 by Kev Maini

It's also quite ironic that he recently slated a report on Game Conservation as one sided lies, made up by people who didn't know what they were on about and only looking after their own interests.... The report was actually researched and written by the RSPB, who incidentally he is Vice President off......... Need I say more?!


at 12:59 on 06/08/2019 by Paul White

Oh dear here we go again. It's about time the BBC, who Mr Packham is linked with,disown him. It is the only way the masses will understand that his rantings are seen for what they are. He is becoming totally irrational which is sad for someone who at heart wants the best for our wildlife.


at 12:59 on 06/08/2019 by Mike

Packham may be knowledgeable about birds, but sadly, he and his army of townsfolk know little if nothing of how the countryside works. Leave its management and stewardship to the people who have, for generations, relied on their environment for their living and stay away from things you know nothing about. If you want to do some conservation work consider donating some of your millions earned from media prostitution to the WWF . How this man ever earned a CBE beggars belief.


at 12:19 on 06/08/2019 by Charles

Congratulations on the work you are doing.Packham can recognise bird species, but not good land management. He should not make statements on subjects he clearly knows little about

Grouse moorland management

at 8:47 on 06/08/2019 by Gerard Gosling

No surprise that Chris Packham ignores the facts that don't support his argument. He represents a body of people who only want to pursue their own agenda, ignoring a balanced debate. The concept of breaking a few eggs to make an omelette, alludes them. I believe that Chris Packham wants to create a closed museum, where only certain people can access.

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