GWCT-invented mink raft key to eradicating species humanely: Our letter to The Scotsman

GCT Mink Raft

It is heartening to learn of Scottish Natural Heritage’s renewed efforts to eliminate mink from large parts of Scotland (Call for help to capture alien mink and save Scottish wildlife, Feb 19). GWCT invented the mink raft in 2002, and invested 6 years of research to demonstrate how it can be used to eradicate mink from whole river catchments, selectively and humanely. Since then, this delightfully low-tech gadget has been the core tool for successful mink control projects around the UK, Europe and even South America.  The UK legislated in 2000 to stop the original source of mink – fur-farms.  Not all alien species can be so easily removed once established; but in the case of mink, the relatively small numbers and the simplicity of detecting them with rafts mean that the UK does have a chance to turn back the clock. We wish Scotland every success!

Jonathan Reynolds
Head of predation at GWCT

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