Langholm results can help us resolve wildlife conflict: Our letter to BBC Wildlife

Isla Hodgson is absolutely right to say that efforts to resolve the conflict between hen harriers and grouse moors (Talking point, April 2019) have so far focused on two areas: diversionary feeding and legislation. The ten-year Langholm Moor Demonstration Project suggests, to us, that we now need to test new approaches such as the one being trialled by a consortium of interests in England to manage young harrier broods, so they can thrive alongside economic grouse moors. Interestingly, cultural attitudes to this trial are also being monitored. Finding a practical solution is important to the hen harrier because in the words of RSPB, ‘management of land for grouse shooting has protected upland areas from the worst of over-grazing and blanket conifer plantations whilst generating income for upland communities and forming a uniquely British form of cultural land use’.

Andrew Gilruth

Director of communications GWCT

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