Pheasants could suffer painful death following activists’ acts: Our letter to The Times

Rather than ‘freeing’ pheasants from their breeding pens on game farms, the Animal Liberation Front activists responsible for the two recent raids reported in The Times (Animal activists set free 5,000 pheasants, March 27) have condemned these birds to a slow death from starvation, unless they are lucky enough to be gobbled up by predators.

Dr. Mike Swan, GWCT Head of Education
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Working together

at 10:19 on 05/04/2019 by David Johnson

Land managers, farmers, gamekeepers are all as important as each other, one without the other makes no sense. Its all well and good a farmer doing his bit by leaving margins and areas of Fallow land for ground nesting birds, but without some one doing some targeted pest control the farmers work will all be in vain.

Landmanagers or their amazing and very important jobs

at 12:13 on 02/04/2019 by Hendrik van Boeckel

Keep it up!! Don't make it a secret

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