Tell Defra how the general licence situation affects you

Defra has launched a call for evidence on the impact of Natural England’s decision to revoke three general licences. 

Have your say on how it affects you

Defra contacted the GWCT because they want to hear from our members and supporters. They know that this decision has had an impact on many of you. We are collating responses to send on to them - please add your comments below and we will ensure they are included. If you prefer to submit your comments via email, please email editor@gwct.org.uk.

In particular Defra want a clear understanding of the implications for the protection of wild birds, and the impacts on crops, livestock, wildlife, disease, human health and safety and wider nature conservation efforts.

The evidence gathered from this, along with the information that Defra and Natural England have already received since 25 April, will inform their future approach in order to get back to a satisfactory situation.

Please include, where possible:

1) Your views on the alternatives to killing or taking a specific bird species.

2) Your experience or evidence of any benefits that were delivered by the three revoked general licences

3) Your experience or evidence of any problems with or caused by the three revoked general licences. Are there any conditions, in your view, that could be attached to general licences to address these issues?

4) Your experience or evidence of any problems caused by the revocation of the three revoked general licences.

The closing date for providing views and evidence is 5pm Monday 13 May. We will submit all of your comments before this deadline, so please get in touch below or on editor@gwct.org.uk.


Preservation of Protected Species and songbirds

at 10:15 on 14/05/2019 by Christopher Anstey

We always have a single pair of curlews returning each year to nest on land immediately adjoining our farm. This year both birds have spent more time on our land, and have often been seen in the fields next to the house. Spectacular birdwatching without even going outside! Imagine our sorrow and fury to see these rare birds being mobbed daily by corvids. Even if the curlews get as far as nesting the eggs or chicks will almost certainly be destroyed. How can Natural England, a body that is supposed to look after our wildlife, condone the destruction of our curlews? The same goes for our songbirds - ravaged by corvids and magpies. Is it only the farming community who sees the sense in maintaining a sensible balance? Leave nature to those who see nature at work, and who love it and understand it 24 hours a day.

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