Who is bullying who? Our letter in The Guardian

RSPB Vice President Chris Packham is presumably unaware that his own organisation has killed 784 crows on their reserves, to protect the nests of vulnerable species, or he might not have been in such a hurry to persuade Natural England to suspend the legal mechanism that permits them, and other conservationists, to do so.

Since predation is now considered the main factor driving the decline of species such as the curlew, with 70% of nests failing across Europe, perhaps George Monbiot might like to reflect on who is bullying who, as this vital conservation work is suspended right in the middle of the nesting season (Britain’s countryside is dominated by bullies – as Chris Packham has found, 1 May).

Andrew Gilruth
Director of Communications

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at 9:38 on 03/05/2019 by Robin Wills

A word of support from an existing member if any were needed. I so admire the calm and measured way you reply to the uninformed such as Messrs Monbiot and Packham. How can these people still maintain their bigoted irrational positions in the face of the cold hard evidence your intensive research has unearthed. Please continue your efforts to spread these facts as widely and thoroughly as you can. I am sure that given time we will all convince those that have open minds and are simply uninformed of the true position here. Those with closed minds are a lost cause.

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