A quick question from C&R Technologies Ltd - Rugged Rural Broadband Specialists


By Stephen Roberts, Marketing and Sales Director, C&R Technologies Ltd

C&R Technologies Ltd would like to hear from you about your experiences of "fast" and reliable broadband and Wi-Fi services where you live and work.

The UK Telecoms regulator and the government are reported in the press and online as making progress rolling out Superfast Rural Broadband, but what are your experiences of the reality of this? How do you currently recieve broadband? Via satellite? 3G/4G or perhaps wireless or even fibre? Let us know by emailing info@candrtechnologies.com. I look forward to reading your messages on the reality of the situation in Rural Britain.

If you would like to know more about how you can benefit from Fast, Reliable, Rugged, Rural Broadband Products and Services from us, please feel free to email your questions to us via info@candrtechnologies.com, or call us free on 0800 2989368 or follow us on Twitter - @RuralBROADband1.


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