General Licences in Wales - An update

After months of stakeholder engagement with Natural Resources Wales over General Licences, the NRW Board decided on Thursday 19 September to agree a proposal which the GWCT do not support.

We have significant concerns that our scientific evidence, technical expertise and experience in General Licence issues have not been taken into account and that the scientific evidence review process and conclusions drawn from it are deeply flawed.

We are particularly concerned about the proposed new general licence to conserve wild birds, of which the GWCT has seen a final draft. If this is the version which NRW publish, then we firmly believe it will be to the detriment of the conservation of wild birds in Wales.

The GWCT and other rural organisations have made our concerns very clear to NRW who have ignored our science and advice and have not provided any scientific or legal justification for making the proposed changes.

Further details will materialise over the next few days and we will publish our evidence and any further updates on this matter on our website.

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at 21:06 on 24/09/2019 by Tony Johnstone

Only to be expected from the uneducated dimwhits at the NRW and obviously supported by the Welsh Assembly. Unfortunately when country is in crisis and all their time and efforts should be directed towards resolving the major issues that are facing every citizen in Wales what do they do, they concentrate all of their efforts toward deciding that the annihilation of crops and indigenous song birds and small mammals is more important than resolving the crisis in the NHS, the escalating drug and crime wave associated with it and the unacceptable levels of violence within our communities. Well done the Welsh Assembly.

General Licence ,Wales

at 20:06 on 24/09/2019 by Mr D Cartwright

Agree with the comment above, no point in trying to discuss matters with the Welsh Assembly as people throughout rural Wales are finding , facts do not matter nor do the welsh landscape and its people only the dogma of a ever left wing government with a " Progressive "agenda to out do anything the Scots can. The GWCT and other organisations Such as NFU Wales , will have to face the vagaries of going through judicial avenues , and what ever your standpoint is ,today of all days proves that the law is always open to interpretation .

General Licence

at 19:47 on 24/09/2019 by Gary Bowes

Yet again NRW have come down on the wrong side of the fence.What is the matter with this department which refuses to listen to scientific facts when coming to far reaching decisions on the countryside.These licences will be detrimental to wildlife in the Welsh countryside.Yet again NRW has failed the Welsh countryside and has shown itself to be anti shooting.

General Licences Wales

at 17:41 on 24/09/2019 by Jeannette Finley

Time to go to the Welsh government direct if you want to get anywhere. Even then you may still find they'll say one thing and do another. It's worth a try but don't expect a positive response. They all seem to be living in cloud never land.

General Licences Wales

at 14:21 on 24/09/2019 by Colin Cook

What you report on the General Licences does not surprise me in the least. The Welsh Assembly Members involved with the countryside seem to be fanatics who want to full fill their dreams of fairy land with out any concern to the realities of life. I believe that talking to them is of little use. Remember the banning of game shooting on Welsh Government owned land when the minister ignored her Civil Servants and then lied when she got into trouble but her dictate was still enforced. I believe that you must go over the ministers head to the Welsh Assembly and, use examples of were money is being squandered and time wasted. For example the Welsh NHS is absolutely appalling but, instead of correcting the Welsh NHS the AM's are spending time and our taxes fouling up even more areas that are working quite well.

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