Gun Legacies Raised over £22,000

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The Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust and Holts Auctioneers are continuing to work together to offer a solution to what to do with your guns when there’s no one in the house to use them anymore. In most cases guns and sporting items are left to a family member or sold by Executors with the proceeds become part of the estate. Sometimes people choose to bequeath guns to the GWCT which then benefits from the proceeds at auction.

Over the past few years this has happened more frequently and Holts Auctioneers continue to handle the collection and sale of the items in a very sensitive and discreet way.

Recently as well as legacies, supporters simply giving up shooting or who have a gun that is no longer used have allowed GWCT to benefit by having Holts to sell it on their behalf, then donating part or all of the proceeds to the charity. Quite often this allows the GWCT to claim Gift Aid on the proceeds.

If you would be interested in discussing either leaving a gun to the GWCT or donating the proceeds of the sale of a gun to the GWCT, Daniel O’Mahony would be happy to talk to you confidentially about the process and the best way to proceed. Daniel can be contacted by email at domahony@gwct.org.uk or 01425 651060

Holts Auctioneers, long standing Organisational Members and supporters of the GWCT, are pleased to give preferential rates to anyone wishing to do this and will also include an appropriate note (if wanted) in the lot description.

Holts Hold regular valuation days throughout the UK. The days are hosted by two experienced members of Holts staff, who will be able to tell you something about the item you have brought along. ‘We are always keen to hear of family or related provenance; it is often of interest and can have a highly beneficial impact on the value. We will then suggest a realistic catalogue estimate and reserve (if you are minded to sell) together with a likely hammer price’. For more information click here.



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