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Making The Best Dog Bed Possible

The Red Dog Company was born out of the frustration of not being able to find our dogs a comfortable dog bed, that both looked great, and stood the test of time.

Red Dog Company

Memory Foam

Despite working hard, our dogs spend many hours a day in their beds, where they definitely appreciate being cosy. Like us, they also suffer from arthritis, and the general effects of aging. Around 30% of dogs will be affected by arthritis at some point, and certain breeds such as Labradors and Golden Retrievers, are predisposed to early onset joint problems. My wife Ali, a veterinary surgeon, was instrumental in developing our range of beds and mats.

Memory foam is comfortable and supports the body, so ideal for our application. However, we quickly discovered that unless it is of the correct density, and bonded to a firmer base, the dog quickly sinks through to the floor below. This creates pressure points, which is precisely the effect you are trying to avoid, so we designed our own proprietary laminated orthopaedic memory foam mattress.


Next came the sleeping surface, where the prime concerns were comfort and practicality. Wool pile fleece proved superior to all the synthetic alternatives. It has excellent thermal properties, both keeping the body warm in the summer, and cool winter. It quickly wicks moisture away from the body which is particularly useful after a wet day in the field. It is hypoallergic, and thanks to the keratin which breaks down bad smelling bacteria, is self-cleaning.

Most of the time a weekly shake outside, or hoover, is all that is required. However, the topper can be easily removed, and machine washed at 30C if necessary.

Red Dog Company 2

Built to last

The front cushion is scalloped to allow easy entry, and the others are the correct height and width to provide a comfortable place to rest a weary head. These cushions are foam filled which ensures our beds hold their shape over time, unlike fibre filled alternatives, which lose their shape and deteriorate over time.

Because wool is such magic stuff we also use a thick tweed for the covers. The fabrics are gorgeous, but this isn’t a case of form over function, our Ettrick tweed made by the world-famous Lovat Mill on the banks of the Teviot and has 100,000+ rubs on the Martindale abrasion test. No bed is chew proof but these beds are tough. Like wool pile fleece, the full bed covers are removable, and machine washable.

Made in Great Britain

We were adamant from the outset that our beds would be made in Great Britain from great British materials. We believe we make the best luxury dog bed available; a bed that is good for your dog, built to last, and that will look great in your home – we hope you agree.

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