VIDEO: Lekking in lockdown - working for black grouse in the Yorkshire Dales

James Mawle is passionate about the red-listed black grouse. In 1998 there were only 773 males left in England, but thanks to a conservation project involving land managers on a landscape-scale and joint-led by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, the decline was reversed. The male birds' mating display, known as a lek, remains one of Britain’s rarest and most extraordinary wildlife spectacles, and with the moors so quiet during lockdown, it's happening in the middle of the road. Watch here:

Moorland ConservationistsMoorland Conservationists - The Untold Story

This beautifully produced collection of nine case studies features some of the UK’s most endangered and spectacular species including mountain hare, curlew, lapwing, golden eagle, merlin, black grouse, ring ouzel and more.

It aims to raise awareness of the huge contribution made by private land managers to the conservation of our precious uplands and its unique assemblage of plants and animals, revealing the challenges they face and the secrets of their success.



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