It is essential to acknowledge the efforts of conservationists working on private land: Our letter published in The Times

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If we are to hit the government’s tree planting targets (Tory tree planting effort leaves a lot to be desired, 12 June) it is essential to acknowledge the efforts of conservationists working on private land. In just three years, estate manager Roy Burrows has transformed his corner of the Yorkshire Dales into a haven for wildlife, largely by planting 65,000 trees to create corridors for local nature. Last year, Neville Gill planted 2,000 trees in Northumberland by hand, motivated by conserving the local population of black grouse. A year into his funding agreement, he still hadn’t received a penny for that work. To hit its targets, government must reward those putting in the hard work.

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Tree guards

at 9:26 on 17/06/2020 by David Harrison

Plastic Tree Guards May have some short term benefits, but not many. They deform trees, despoil the planet. Cost a fortune to remove and re cycle ( and the onus is on the tree planter to get rid of them. I know as I have planted 50,000 trees on my land and was forced contractually to use tubes until I persuaded YDMT to let me dispense with them on the understanding that I planted 1800 trees per hectare rather than the regulation 1100 to allow for any losses The results have been very successful. My message to you is ditch the tubes. Plant more trees. It’s cheaper too Thanks David Harrison Howgill Estates

Government Target?

at 11:36 on 16/06/2020 by Michael Evans

Agreed, tree planting is essential. However, here in Binsted, West Sussex, there is a war in progress to save wildlife and ancient woodland and woodland species from an unnecessary road project! The fight goes on but! Given that Highways England refuse to admit that their management of the A27 Arundal bypass project is flawed and, in the light of COVID-19, now unnecessary. The fight goes on. Save Binsted, no Arundal Bypass no necessary.

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