Things to do Summer 2020

- Do what you can for wildlife

Whether it’s creating an insect hotel, making the habitat changes you’ve been putting off, planning your grey squirrel strategy or reading up on best practice, now is a great time.

- Get ready for next year’s Big Farmland Bird Count

The 2020 Big Farmland Bird Count was a record-breaker, with more farmers taking part than ever before. We want next year’s to be even bigger. Before next February, why not brush up on your bird ID skills or learn some more birdsong? Sign up at www.bfbc.org.uk for more information and to avoid missing out.

- Get the latest news every weekday morning

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Out and About this Summer

  • HAVE A careful weekly look at cover plots to spot for weeds, pests and diseases.
  • WALK THE perimeter of all pheasant release pens and spot for damage well before poults are due.
  • CHECK THE inside of release pens carefully for unwanted intruders like foxes and deer.
  • REMEMBER TO count your grouse and grey partridges. Submit your partridge data to the Partridge Count Scheme.
  • LOOK OUT for evidence of rats at harvest time and nip them in the bud

All this and more can be found in the latest issue of our seasonal members magazine, Gamewise. You can get your copy of the Summer 2020 magazine here.

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