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At Criddle Fieldsports we have a wealth of knowledge of over 50 years’ experience, managing, hosting and advising on many of the top shooting estates across the UK. From Scotland to Devon, Wales to Norfolk, we are at the forefront of the shooting industry, with experience of different shooting operations, enabling us to advise each individual estate on their options to drive their shoot and estate conservation program forward.

With the experience of over 5,000 shoot days within our team, we really do know what it takes to make a shoot work from both a business model and also practically on the ground- most importantly from the gamekeepers point of view as well as a shooting client. We look at each shoot as a unique enterprise as we understand there are different ambitions and targets of each enterprise depending on the owners and stakeholders desires.


Looking into the finances many shoots do not have reliable comparable costs, and therefore budgets can be hard to achieve, produce and un-realistic. As we manage shoots throughout the UK we are able to get the most competitive prices so you can be assured we are keeping your costs at a minimum whilst we also work to helping you achieve the best income from potential shoot day sales.

It is vital to the success of a shoot that not only is the financial side of the business correct but the layout and long term planning of the shoot has to be too.  The guns desires on a day have changed over the last 100 years as well as the landscape so whilst some drives and landscapes have worked historically these may need tweaking or just a fresh set of eyes to get the best birds from the ever changing landscape.

With our in depth experience of different shoots are in a prime position to advice you on how the shoot should be layout as a whole, there are so many different factors which can influence the layout of the sporting operation on your estates.


We are extremely sympathetic to other operations you may have on the estate and we value the importance that all these operations and ventures have to the success of the estate.

We are able to advise on Game crop positioning and cropping to produce the finest birds, as well as producing drives which last, not only on the day but also for the whole season. 

Throughout of all of the above we address the long term viability of the shoot. We work closely with the various shooting bodies including the GWCT and British Game Alliance with the shoots we already manage to ensure that the operations comply with all the current guidance and legislation to ensure the very best health for our birds and environment.

If you wish to discuss how we are able to help your shoot, please contact one of our team on 01938 580 204 or visit our website.


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