Wildlife thrives on grouse moors because of management (our letter to The Telegraph)


In his recent letter, Professor Arthur Morris described grouse moors as ‘ecological deserts’. This is frankly untrue. Breeding birds such as lapwing and curlew have thrived on grouse moors as a result of the management undertaken there. Research has also shown mountain hares to be 35 times more abundant on moors managed for driven grouse. We are very lucky to have the majority of the world’s heather moorland - an internationally recognised important habitat - much of the upkeep of which is paid for by private money.

James Swyer
GWCT Press & Publications Manager

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Grouse moors

at 22:06 on 10/11/2020 by Ajw

It seems like the people that peddle this kind of nonsense never actually bother to sit still on a grouse moor for an hour or two and just look and listen to the sheer amount of life that there is up there, the moors here in bowland have so much going on you don’t know where to look sometimes! They are the complete opposite of deserts!

James Swyer’s reply

at 11:51 on 10/11/2020 by Cecilia McPhail

I was pleased to see James Swyer’s response to Prof. Arthur Morris. Perhaps GWCT could invite Prof. Morris, and various media presenters/journalists on a guided walk on a grouse more in the Spring. Perhaps then they could base their comments on evidence rather than the lazily repeated assumptions and misleading information put out by those with an anti agenda. Cecilia McPhail

Grouse moors

at 11:33 on 10/11/2020 by WBW

Yet another short sighted attempt by the uneducated anti Grouse brigade. To visit one of the many well managed moors across the UK, is to see for yourself how wildlife of all species thrive. To use propaganda like this to deceive the public into believing that grouse moors are ecological deserts is nothing short of disgraceful. Lies and gross misinformation is the way forward for these groups. They haven't got the science to back up their untruths. We, the caring face of the British countryside have got clear unambiguous science to back up all that is put forward in the press. We have the GWCT to thank for that..

Grouse Moors

at 9:30 on 10/11/2020 by John Riley

Why do we allow people to get away with peddling lies. They should be hounded till they apologise for their statements. Prove them wrong and publish all.

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