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JM Osborne Rural and Sporting have been involved in shoots and shooting in one form or another since 1972 and have seen a massive change in that near 50 year period. From days when a bag of 100 brace of Grouse was deemed to be large, to the average full time Pheasant Keeper then looking after maybe 1,500 birds. Shooting has over that timescale become available to a much wider demographic and also become increasingly popular. This has sometimes brought its own problems.

CV-19 has caused many changes to Game Shooting in 2020. This included Shoots deciding in the spring to not release for this season, to the absence of most overseas Guns and the loss of days during November and again in January.

Whilst the future looks much brighter with vaccinations now having arrived, there is still going to be a good deal of uncertainty going forwards in respect of possible infection spikes, travel restrictions and indeed what the real demand for shooting will be next season, not least because there is likely to still be much that is unknown in February, March and maybe into April or beyond.

This would therefore seem a wonderful opportunity for many Shoots, to really look at what they are currently doing and to see whether the model that they have adopted previously, is fit for the future. This evolution is the norm for successful businesses, and whilst many people do not want to think of their Shoot as a business (and indeed it may not be for them), treating it in this way in terms of future proofing, seems to make sense whether your Shoot is commercial or merely run for fun.

Recent years has seen almost constant growth with the view that more (of everything) is the answer. In many instances this is not the case and a serious look at the scale of what is currently in place, how the Shoot is being run and by whom, could result in a more satisfactory alternative for all involved. This need to relook at what is being done is the same for in-hand or let Shoots, to include for both the Landlord and Tenant.

JM Osborne Rural & Sporting have been advising Shoots up and down the Country for the last 30 years on how to adapt to changing market conditions. We believe that recent events have given Shoots an exceptional opportunity to look again at what they are currently doing. We advise on Shoot Management, disputes, rents, Shoot lettings, employment, Health & Safety, Licencing, subsidies and much more besides! We believe that we are the only firm in the UK specialising in this range of shoot related work and we have many testimonials as a result.

If you would like to discuss your arrangements for the coming season and beyond, please do not hesitate in contacting us on 01295 277 197 or info@jmosborne.co.uk.

JM Osborne Rural & Sporting

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