Members help GWCT respond to Welsh General Licence consultation

This week we submitted our response to the Natural Resources Wales (NRW) call for evidence on the future of regulating the shooting and trapping of wild birds.

Following the recent decision at Judicial Review that NRW’s current General Licences are lawful, NRW are continuing with their review of all elements of shooting so we are hugely grateful to the 307 people who gave detailed responses to the survey we launched before Christmas, which enabled us to provide your firsthand observation and experience in controlling species under licence.

Responses closely matched those given in the larger English survey to which nearly 3,000 people responded and this insight in Wales should prove invaluable to NRW when they come to make policy decisions. The results of the survey highlight that the ability to manage these species is critical to the conservation of certain wild bird species, particularly ground-nesting and hedgerow birds and to agriculture, particularly the protection of livestock and crops.

Thank you to all who took part for providing such extensive first-hand evidence about the challenges you have faced and information about the effectiveness of lethal and non-lethal methods of controlling wild birds.

You can read our full submission here.

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at 9:22 on 30/01/2021 by john Edwards

i hope we have a successful outcome and people listen to our opinion and facts ,It's important to safeguard our countryside properly

General Licences

at 19:35 on 29/01/2021 by John Freeman

What is being done about the terrible situation in England? The need to control corvids has again been curtailed by Natural England unless it’s to protect Red or Amber listed species

Welsh General License Consultation

at 12:51 on 29/01/2021 by James Owen

Thank you for a copy of your excellent research and submission. I would suggest that you argue strongly to make wood pigeon a quarry species. Pigeon is both nutritious and delicious to eat but it is illegal to shoot pigeon for this reason (general licenses only allow for the shooting of wood pigeon to protect crops). If pigeon became a sustainable part of the food supply chain their culling would be both more acceptable and popular. As someone with an enduring interest in Mid Wales I have seen a tragic and relentless reduction in wild birds through a lack of predator control/loss of habitat.

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