'RSPB view on Hen Harrier conservation stalling is a little simplistic': Our letter to The Times

The RSPB suggestion that the legacy of illegal killing is the main factor stalling hen harrier conservation (News, Jan 15) is a little simplistic. Hen harriers in England have just enjoyed their best breeding season in three decades but beating last year’s record of 60 chicks, from 24 nests, would be easier if the RSPB could stop frustrating government plans to reintroduce them to southern England and begin to support successful trials, which aim to resolve the proven conflict with grouse moors, in northern England. If we all want hen harriers to succeed, let’s use all the tools we can to make that happen.

 Andrew Gilruth, GWCT Director of Communications

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Wild Justice‘s futile attempts to challenge Governments.

at 12:31 on 19/01/2021 by Rupert Turner

All country lovers and country sports lovers should be eternally grateful to the GWCT for the science backed research that is helping so many misplaced challenges by Wild Justice to fail. These people seem to ignore the fact that they are actually working against nature. Please keep up this very important work in this difficult time . Sorry my donation is so small !!

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