Time for everyone to do their bit - one member's rallying cry to support the GWCT

Readers of The Field might have seen a letter by longstanding GWCT member John Clements this month, calling on everyone to do their bit for the GWCT:

It would be a remarkable and neglected sofa that, following a quick rummage, could produce £1.4 million. And yet that is the shortfall that the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust faces. This is no secret, the charity has provided many opportunities for people to do something about it; and yet?

So what Is £1.4m? It is a lot of potatoes, for a start, a few nice cars, a pleasant Georgian rectory with gardens and a paddock in East Anglia, if you're lucky. Shared between the membership it is a brace of pheasants each (or even less if you are paying more than £35 a bird); it's most of a grouse.

If we take BASC membership as a guide, it Is less than a tenner each from UK shotgun certificate holders; less than £2.50 - it can be seen in a variety of ways. The fact that it wasn't raised and paid off within days can be seen in only one way - shameful. Come on, folks

Every pound our members and donors give makes a difference at a time when we can’t go out and fundraise in person. You can donate below or, if you haven’t joined yet, you can do so here.

Please donate today and help us undertake leading research, challenge misinformation and promote what works



at 10:16 on 18/01/2021 by Anthony (Tony) J Evans GWCT Member

Just to say thank you for all your research and hard work at National and Local level. These are especially involving steering the Government in the right direction and making sure that Local issues are not mis-represented by those organisations with their own agenda.

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