White-tailed eagle reintroduction planned in eastern England

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Following the recent reintroduction of White-tailed eagles to the Isle of Wight in southern England, proposals are now being made for a second re-introduction of eagles to East Anglia. The project is a partnership between the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation and Wild Ken Hill in northwest Norfolk. The 4000acre Wild Ken Hill Estate combines traditional conservation management practices, a ‘rewilding’ approach, and regenerative agriculture. One of the aims of the project is to connect existing White-tailed eagle populations in Scotland, Ireland, and the Isle of Wight with those in The Netherlands and Europe.

A key element of this proposal is a feasibility study which includes a period of public consultation, including a series of on-line webinars. The consultation is now underway, and it will last until Monday 15th February. The project team is keen to hear the views of people and stakeholder groups throughout the region, before they seek a licence from Natural England to release a small number of White-tailed eagles over a 5-year period.

To learn more about the project, and to have your say click here: Proposed return of White-tailed Eagles to West Norfolk and surrounding region

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