Farmers hold the key to biodiversity gains: Our letter published in The Times

Written by James Swyer, Press & Publications Manager

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If we are to deliver the ‘urgent transformative change’ demanded by the environmental audit committee, government must start with those who can deliver the most change – farmers (“Wildlife needs action ‘not grand pledges’”, Jun 30). Supporting those who manage three-quarters of our landscape to balance their vital food production with the provision of habitat for Britain’s rich array of native wildlife is the biggest biodiversity opportunity we have. We must take it.

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at 15:34 on 03/07/2021 by A. Branthwaite

Hear hear Philip. It’s all very well these Government Committees having stars in their eyes, but predation control is the key, hand in hand with creating the right environment. Three cheers for the farmers and wildlife managers etc

Your letter in the Times

at 7:19 on 02/07/2021 by Philip.Merricks

Hear hear. At the same time Defra must use the opportunity created by ELMS to improve their prescriptions for ground nesting birds such as Curlew and Lapwing. At present, Defra management is not just unproductive but is actually counterproductive in that their prescriptions attract breeding birds to newly created habitat but totally fail to ensure that chicks are fledged due to Defra prescriptions ignoring the biological need to control ground feeding predators . - Philip.Merricks@gmail.com

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