Don't kick the farmers working hard for wildlife - Our letter to Bird Watching Magazine

I must disagree with Nick Roberts when he tells us not to ask farmers to be conservationists (Back Chat, April issue). Our Working For Wildlife initiative has shown just how important farmers can be to wildlife recovery. On 200 acres of arable land in Suffolk, Graham Denny has not only created a home for breeding turtle doves, he has also recovered numbers of song thrushes, lesser redpolls and many other red-listed birds. He’s not alone. Lapwing, black grouse, ring ouzels, curlew and pied flycatchers are being supported at local levels because of the hard work of land managers, not in spite of them. I suggest Mr Roberts encourages more farmers to follow these good examples rather than kicking those who are working hard to make a difference.

James Swyer
Press & Publications Manager, Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust

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