The economics of using non-lead shot - A letter featured in Shooting Times

The news that most pheasants are still being shot with lead (News, 10 March) is hardly surprising. In common with most shooters, I buy my cartridges in modest bulk and, at any one time, I am likely to have enough for two or three years in stock. Having used non-lead alternatives for all of my wildfolwing for 25 years, I have no concern over making the switch for game and pigeon too, but I have no intention of throwing away a couple of thousand lead cartridges. 

So in a year or so, I shall be buying steel with biodegradable wads for all of my shooting, and  would encourage everyone else to do likewise. Our credibility as working conservationists is at stake here. We all need to embrace this change and prove to the naysayers that we can do the right thing without being forced.

Mike Swan
GWCT Head of Education & Shooting Times contributor

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Lead shot- the transition.

at 9:22 on 25/03/2021 by Phillip Walker

I absolutely agree that change must come. However, a transition is not just about a period of time for use up stock. It’s also about ensuring that the cartridge manufacturers can meet demand. This demand should be across all gauges, not just 12 gauges, and in some respects I wonder if some exemptions might be possible for older guns. When you go shooting today the vast majority are modern over and unders in the field so change there is not a major factor. Perhaps we could have a ‘tapered’ introduction. Finally, do not forget time will have to be allowed for the gunsmiths to carry out choke work and the proof house their work when chamber work is necessary, to say nothing of those who want a formal steel proof accreditation for their guns. Change yes, but joined up thinking, working together and explaining to others the bigger picture is paramount. Respectfully.PGP Walker. West Yorkshire.

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