RSPB game management survey – an opportunity for game managers to provide their views

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The GWCT has undertaken a significant body of research into ecological impacts of gamebird releasing and management. Our research highlights that there is an approximate balance of positive and negative impacts.

The negative impacts tend to be localised around release areas and can be mitigated by adhering to best practice sustainable releasing guidelines. Positive impacts can operate at both the local and landscape scale and our research and practical experience demonstrates that game management, when undertaken according to relevant codes of practice and adherence to the GWCT’s principles of sustainable game management, will likely  deliver a net biodiversity gain.

However, there are evidence gaps in our knowledge, including the environmental impacts of gamebird releasing and management on protected sites. The RSPB are currently undertaking a survey of managers of these sites to get their views on the issue which you can take here

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Dr Roger Draycott, Director of Advisory and Gamebird Policy at the GWCT commented: ‘This is an opportunity for game managers in and around these sites to provide the RSPB  with their views and practical experience of gamebird releasing and management and how these activities affect the conservation of habitats and species. We encourage game managers to contribute to the survey to ensure the views of all relevant stakeholders are captured.’


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