How did Wales fare in this year's Big Farmland Bird Count?

Who took part?

In Wales, 86 farmers took part and recorded 83 species across more than 22,500 acres.

Farmers from 16 Welsh counties took part; Ceredigion had the most returns, with 20 farmers completing the survey. This was followed by Powys with 19, and both Monmouthshire and Carmarthenshire with 10.

The average farm size of those taking part was 259 acres.  

What did farmers see?

The most commonly seen species were blackbirds and robins which were seen by over 70% of our participants. Blue tits, chaffinch, carrion crows were seen by over 62% of the farmers.

The graph below shows the full list of the 25 most commonly seen species.

Wales Bfbc Graph 1

At the other end of the scale, we were delighted to see that a total of 16 species from the Red List for Birds of Conservation Concern were recorded, with starling, song thrush and house sparrows appearing in the 25 most frequently seen species list. Starling, house sparrow, fieldfare, herring gull and song thrush were the five most abundant red listed species recorded with over 2,200 total spotted which equates to more than 24% of all species spotted.

The five most abundant birds seen were starling, chaffinch, house sparrow, carrion crow and blue tit. A total of over 4,000 were seen, making up over 42% of the total number of birds recorded.

Wales Bfbc Graph 2

Conservation in action:

28% of participants are in some form of agri-environment scheme, demonstrating their long-term commitment to environmental management.

39% of participants were providing some form of extra seed feed for birds, either through growing wild bird seed mixes, or by providing additional grain through scatter feeding or via hoppers.

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