Hamish Mackie Sculpture Ltd


British sculptor Hamish Mackie’s fluid approach to sculpting wildlife enables him to capture the very essence of life, making an inanimate object appear as if it might take flight or leap at any point. As Stephen Moss, Author and Naturalist explains “Yet like all great art, this is an illusion.  There are no deer, hares, or woodcock; simply bronze, fashioned into these memorable moments caught in time, yet lasting for eternity.  It is a kind of magic: yet magic in a tangible form, pleasing our sight and our sense of touch.” 

Mackie’s Oxfordshire studio is open by appointment.



Mobile: +44 (0) 7971 028 098

Photo:  Wild Boar Life Size Legs Under & Legs Out 2022 – Both bronze, signed, dated and numbered limited edition sculptures

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