Defra Announces Renewal of GL40-42 for Two Years Without Changes

Curlew -eggs

Defra has advised GWCT and other stakeholders that new wild bird control General Licences for England (GL40-42) will come in to force on 1st January 2024. Defra has confirmed that it is not currently planning to make any changes and will replicate the existing GL40-42 conditions in the new licences.

Dr Roger Draycott, GWCT’s Director of Advisory commented:

“We welcome Defra’s advance notice of the situation regarding these important General Licences. These licences permit essential control of certain bird species for purposes including ensuring public health, protecting animal welfare and crops and conserving some of our rarest birds."

Anyone carrying out control under the authority of any General Licence must comply fully with the terms and conditions of that licence. To ensure you are up to date with licensing conditions and best practice, the GWCT advisory service runs several courses in Best Practice Predation Management for Conservation.

Contact advisory@gwct.org.uk or call 01425 651013 for further details

Defra has also advised that it will continue to assess any new and emerging evidence concerning risks associated with the control of wild birds.

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