Wild Justice Criticises DEFRA For Using GWCT Expert Advice

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In a recent email newsletter, the campaigning group Wild Justice questioned why Defra had sought advice from GWCT in relation to General Licence GL43 - the licensing mechanism for gamebird releasing on or near some protected sites.

Wild Justice claimed that ‘this was hardly a source of expertise and hardly a neutral source of advice’. Given that:

  1. GWCT has undertaken and published more independently peer-reviewed science, in world-leading ecological journals on matters relating to gamebird releasing (including investigating negative impacts as well as positive ones) than any other organisation
  2. has run an internationally respected independent professional game and wildlife management consultancy service for over 80 years
  3. has experienced ecologists that have worked in many of the affected areas for over 30 years building up significant knowledge of the farms and local biodiversity
  4. sits on the Defra/APHA Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza (HPAI) gamebird sector technical working group and the Defra-Welsh Government-JNCC Avian Influenza Wild Bird Recovery Advisory Group,

it would perhaps have been more surprising if Defra had not sought advice from GWCT on technical matters relating to game and wildlife management and HPAI risk.

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Wild Justice idiots running scared

at 12:28 on 23/11/2023 by WBW

Mr Moore The object of the GWCT is to attempt to provide Wildlife , including Game , a suitable habitat and safety in as much as is possible from predatory species. This as we know is based on hard and undeniable science . The GWCT is a conservation based charity in the truest sense of the word. Pay no credence to the preservationists within the discredited group known as wild Justice . They care nothing for wildlife , they have one objective and that is simply to see an end to something they don't like , namely Game preservation . Join the GWCT , your money will be well spent .

Re: Hen harrier debate

at 11:10 on 23/11/2023 by Rob - GWCT

We are a scientific charity and our work is peer-reviewed. Objectivity doesn't come into it. We rely on good science.

Hen harrier debate

at 11:06 on 23/11/2023 by Jeremy Moore

Like WJ and other conservationists I am interested in the results of your research but concerned that you may not be objective.

Wild Justice Criticises DEFRA For Using GWCT Expert Advice

at 16:35 on 21/11/2023 by Simon Mansell

Don't be surprised at the credence given to Wild Justice by government departments/ civil service departments, as many are permeated by "meat is murder" indoctrinated russell group universities elites, themselves educated by "Critical Theory" marxists.

Wild Justice and the damage its prejudices may do.

at 16:23 on 21/11/2023 by Anthony Clay

I have been monitoring the fundamentally biased outpourings of WJ for some years now. The three people behind it are single-minded animal rights activists who have the nerve to describe themselves as "conservationists" when the consequences of their anti shooting message would be to do very serious damaging to biodiversity and the wildlife they say they are protecting. Such is their bias that they steadfastly ignore any science that does not support their twisted logic. Their emotive language enables them to raise large sums from a gullible public for whom sentiment and class hatred are key driving factors. Virtually all this money is spend on funding their pet lawyers to bring legal cases against government agencies at great expense to the taxpayer. What is even more worrying is that their actions have been proving persuasive to left-leaning politicians in Wales and Scotland with disastrous consequences (such as the banning of humane snares and the obsessive licensing of shoots) which the science they choose to ignore clearly shows will lead to a rapid loss of ground nesting and other endangered birds, together with sharp decrease in biodiversity and wise habitat management. With a socialist government widely predicted for the nation after the next general election it seems likely that their pernicious arguments will carry even more influence in the years ahead.

Wild Justice

at 16:02 on 21/11/2023 by P M Watts

I’m irritated by the attitude of Wild Justice in ignoring the expertise and research over many years provided by the GWCT, looking after the interests of wildlife and countryside which is so important to us all. Long may DEFRA keep listening to GWCT

Wild Justice Criticises DEFRA For Using GWCT Expert Advice

at 15:58 on 21/11/2023 by Simon Mansell

For extremists truth is irrelevant revolution everything. I doubt that certain extremists actually have much to do with the animal welfare they claim to represent whilst being blinkered to the 24 million pa halal slaughtered without pre-stunning. No balaclava rent a mob outside those slaughter houses! We should not be surprised at Wild Justices rejection of science based expertise or their inability to comprehend that those who pursue wild game can have a greater interest in its survival than theirs proves to be. As the saying goes: "They forgot the birds".

Wild Justice

at 15:24 on 21/11/2023 by Simon Scott-Priestley

It beggars belief that (dis)organisations like Wild Justice are given credence by Government amongst others. There should be no place for decisions being made on spurious evidence supplied by “single issue” groups.


at 11:01 on 21/11/2023 by David Ramsay

Game birds add to wildlife and there is no evidence that they are harmful to the environment

Wild Justice idiots running scared

at 10:52 on 21/11/2023 by WBW

Just proves a point which became apparent to us all long ago . The clowns in Wild Justice run scared of the scientific facts.

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