Woodcock Watch: New Interactive Map Summarises Project Findings

Screenshot 2023-10-06 154007

The GWCT’S Woodcock Watch project, which ran from 2012-2020, used state-of-the-art satellite tracking technology to unveil the secrets of woodcock migration.

The findings of this flagship study continue to shape our ongoing research into migrant woodcock. The Woodcock Watch project was only possible because of the kind support of GWCT members, many of who sponsored a woodcock and followed their impressive migrations in real time.

We have now replaced the old ‘live maps’ with a lasting end of project website that summarises the data in an openly accessible and easy to use format.

To access the Woodcock Watch dashboard and explore our results, please visit www.woodcockwatch.com.

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Woodcock monitoring

at 17:24 on 11/10/2023 by Alan Raymond Smith

Sirs, I had been involved by sponsoring 2 individual birds joining several others in our shoot syndicate in Shropshire . I am astounded by the production of this highly informative and well presented site. You have done so much to further our knowledge of this fascinating bird and we are very grateful to GWCT. Thank you for everything

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