Decades of peer-reviewed research speaks for itself. Our response to Wild Justice

In response to the conclusion of the legal challenge brought by Wild Justice against Defra regarding the issuing of licences for gamebird releases in the Deben Estuary and Breckland in 2023, The Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust has issued the following statement:

As one of the UK’s leading wildlife research charities, Defra called on the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) to provide independent advice on gamebird management and releasing in 2023.

The GWCT has undertaken decades of peer-reviewed research in this field and the advice it gives is based on research evidence and expertise.

The Trust was pleased to have been consulted by Defra on technical matters relating to gamebird ecology and management as part of the ministerial department’s decision-making process.


Wild Justice

at 11:32 on 16/05/2024 by David Gurney

Thank goodness we have GWCT to stand up for the countryside. As for Chris Packham, is he prone to listening to untruths, plain ignorant, or just too lazy to go to a real gamekeeper who can enlighten him? He could do so much good if he changed his attitude towards the true countrymen and women.

Wild justice

at 16:37 on 24/04/2024 by Gary Easton

Like your first correspondent I am in my seventies. What concerns me is the dramatic rise in the number of pheasants now released compared to our younger days. Surely this increase in numbers must have some effect on the wildlife in the surrounding countryside.

British demographics

at 13:50 on 24/04/2024 by Les Boyce

I am now 75, when I was a boy living in a small village in Somerset there was little change, everyone knew everyone else in the village and the surrounding villages. The people in those villages knew and understood the countryside and how it all worked, and we all helped each other out. Since that time the country people, born in a particular village cannot afford to live in that village, the work is no longer there and for the young who are just starting out the house prices are completely out of reach. For many decades now young country people have moved towards the towns for work and cheaper housing while people brought up in urban environment are drawn to the countryside, encouraged by the many TV programmes. There is now a totally different atmosphere in the countryside many of it's residents don't understand how the countryside works and are not interested in learning but try, like missionaries, to educate the locals in how to live their lives. One of these missionaries once said to me that ' he had come down to Wiltshire to educate these carrot crunchers', I think it's these types that Mr Packam is recruiting.

Wild Justice

at 20:02 on 23/04/2024 by Gavin Meerwald

I agree with Mr Green that Wild Justice (and other anti-fieldsports organisation) are free to spout untuths unless someone calls them out on this. Their supporters do not know better (since they are generally too lazy to go and find out for themselves) so will take comments from the likes of Wild Justice as the truth.

wild justice

at 19:08 on 23/04/2024 by jamie ferris

I always look forward to reading your newsletters when they arrive in my inbox and was delighted to read your response to wild justice claims on gamebird release. I like many others have been disappointed with Chris Packham and his comrades attempts to attack the field sports community and the way he hoodwinks the public with sentiment over science to gain support. The way wild justice select their words and filter evidence to suit their agender beggars belief, in fact at times its despicable. Many thanks for standing up to these fanatics. Regards Jamie.

Wild Justice

at 16:17 on 23/04/2024 by David Green

We need to ensure organisations such as Wild Justice are challenged by professional bodies like GWCT who know and fully understand what they are saying. WJ are feeding those looking for a cause with false information to further there own misconceptions.

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