VIDEO: 'Call of the Moors' - a poem for World Curlew Day

To mark World Curlew Day we'd like to share ‘Call of the Moors', a poem written by Nigel Algar Orde-Powlett, later 6th Baron Bolton, when he was a teenager. It was published in 1918 and he wrote it after his older brother 2nd Lieutenant William Percy Orde-Powlett was killed in action during World War One: 

Tom Orde-Powlett, great grandson of Nigel Algar Orde-Powlett, read the poem in parliament accompanied by these words:

"This poem was written by my late great grandfather as a school boy and published in 1918. I think it demonstrates an important point which is often forgotten, ignored or denied, in that those of us in the incredibly priveleged position of owning or managing grouse moors have a deep love of them and the wildlife they support.

"The sometimes clichéd sense of custodianship, often passed down over many generations can be underestimated psychologically and may be partially responsible for a sometimes seemingly huge divide between some anti shooting conservationists and others who shoot or are supportive of shooting. By definition, for someone with a sense of custodianship, the priority and measure of success is protecting existing birds, whereas I think some conservationists associate success with re-introduction of more visually impressive species. I am not suggesting the latter is not important, but must, I believe, be done alongside protecting existing species of conservation concern."

How you can help curlew today

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Please donate today to support our vital research and conservation work. Together, we can ensure that the call of the curlew continues to echo across our landscapes for years to come.


National Curlew Day

at 11:33 on 21/04/2024 by Wayne B Whitcher

Never , has there been a more important time to step up to the mark and do our utmost to conserve these threatened waders . Donations do make a difference and help in protecting these hugely important birds .

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