VIDEO: The Last Curlew

There are few more iconic sights than a curlew in flight, but without intervention it could be something future generations will never get to enjoy. The curlew with its distinctive haunting call, is now one of our most rapidly declining breeding bird species in the UK. Watch our short video which explains what we're doing to help: 

How you can help today

We're leading efforts to understand and address the factors driving curlew declines. Through research conducted by our dedicated team, we are gaining invaluable insights into the challenges facing curlews, from habitat loss to predation pressure.

By supporting our appeal, you can help us purchase essential radio and GPS tags, allowing us to track and monitor curlew more effectively. With this data, we can develop targeted conservation strategies to safeguard curlew and their habitats for generations to come.

Please donate today to support our vital research and conservation work. Together, we can ensure that the call of the curlew continues to echo across our landscapes for years to come.



at 11:26 on 25/04/2024 by Simon Kenny

Basically predation from corbies plain and simple in the Coquet Valley, we have between 4 and 5 nesting pairs this year at a guess, but mobbed a lot


at 14:29 on 09/04/2024 by Justin Grant-Duff

There are beautiful Curlews on the Welsh Marches but they are rarely seen as breeding rates are so low. It would be better to see the birds protected and greater in numbers. As your film indicated

Curlew conservation

at 11:51 on 09/04/2024 by Timothy Leyshon

You are undertaking essential work for the future safeguarding of this wonderful bird. well done.


at 14:51 on 03/04/2024 by Peter Unwin

Crucial to continue your work to help the effort to protect this wonderful species.

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