Your chance to track and sponsor a woodcock

CharlieIt’s an exciting time of the year for those following our pioneering Woodcock Watch satellite tracking project.

Many of the birds we’ve fitted with tiny solar-powered satellite tags have begun their migrations from the UK and are currently flying east toward their breeding grounds.

Our groundbreaking woodcock tracking work began in 2012 and has continued through to 2016, allowing us to learn more about these fascinating and enigmatic birds.

It costs £3,500 to tag and monitor each bird for a year and around £36 to download a month’s worth of data for each bird. To help us cover this cost we are offering you the unique opportunity to sponsor a woodcock.

Gift -setsWe have 15 birds to choose from and for just £36 you’ll be able to track your woodcock online, you’ll get our dedicated monthly Woodcock Watch newsletter and you’ll receive:

  • Woodcock pin badge
  • Certificate of sponsorship
  • Your woodcock’s very own passport
  • Woodcock Fact Sheet
  • Woodcock stickers

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