Woodcock update as migrants arrive at breeding grounds

As we reach the end of May it seems like a good time to take stock of where our migrant woodcock currently are and focus on some of those who have made the journey across Europe. 

Woodcock Map

Smithy and Thorn have travelled furthest, having both flown around 3,500km to Russia. Smithy flew east into Poland, stopped in Belarus and arrived in Russia one month after leaving Somerset.

Thorn initially flew to the Netherlands before stopping in Latvia, reaching the border between Belarus and Russia, again one month after setting off from Britain.

Sir John, Fonthill Abbie II and Monkey IV have also reached western Russia, while Nellie II has made it as far as Belarus. Each of these birds stopped over in the Baltics before continuing east.

Knepp and Wensum have returned to their breeding grounds in Finland, with Knepp zig-zagging north via Poland, Germany and Lithuania.

Irina and Doc find themselves in Norway and Sweden respectively, with Irina travelling directly from southern Ireland. Doc had a more fragmented journey from southern Ireland, stopping in France, Belgium, Germany and Denmark before reaching Sweden.

Track our woodcock on the Woodcock Watch website here


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