25 April 2014

Shooting for the Future

  • Location / Venue:Allerton Project, Loddington
  • Date / Time: 25 April 2014 to 26 April 2014
  • Organiser:Lynda Ferguson
  • Telephone:01425 651013
  • Price: £170.00

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BASC and the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust are going to be working in partnership to deliver a new two-day course to help improve shoot management and shooting skill. The course will be delivered by experts in their field, based on up-to-date research and current good practice thinking.

The course will be divided into two days: the first will concentrate on modern shoot management activities and the second day will concentrate on shooting techniques.

The first day will concentrate on current best practice in a number of aspects of shoot management. Recent GWCT research has allowed us to develop guidelines for gamebird release that maximise broader conservation benefit, while minimising any damage caused by the birds themselves. By following these prescriptions shoots also maximise the health and welfare of their pheasants and partridges, thereby ensuring good returns and high-quality sport.

Improving woodland and cover crop habitat for pheasants and partridges can make a big difference to the results obtained by a shoot. There is also great potential for improving conservation value to a broad range of other wildlife. All of these issues will be addressed during the morning presentations, and this will be followed by an in-depth afternoon visit to a working shoot, to set the full context.

The second day of the course concentrates on improving shooting skill in the field. It begins with an interactive session discussing the issues surrounding wounding loss in the field, and the 15 factors responsible for poor shooting. Attendees will then take part in a number of practical activities including a shooting skill exercise, range-judging and a patterning workshop to further explore some of the issues.

The afternoon session focuses on improving success and ability in the field. Attendees will be shown how to analyse their shotgun patterns and the ballistic requirements to better use their shotguns. They will practise a technique called sub-tending, to better judge the range of their quarry and shoot within their personal range abilities. Qualified BASC coaches also spend two to three hours with each group to improve their shooting ability. The day will end with a constructive feedback session with BASC staff and BASC coaches on hand to answer any of your questions and take on board your feedback.

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