22 November 2016

Snaring, Tunnel Trapping & Corvid Cage Trapping Course, Kent

  • Location / Venue:North Kent
  • Date: 22 November 2016
  • Time: 10:00AM to 4:40PM
  • Organiser:Lynda Ferguson
  • Telephone:01425 651013
  • Price: £108.00
  • Places available: 13

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Predator control is an important part of wildlife management in the British countryside. This one-day course covers fox snaring, corvid control and tunnel trapping.

Attendees will learn how to get the most from these techniques improving humanness, efficiency and success rates.

The GWCT has carried out over 200 man years of research into how to make snaring more effective, target-specific and humane.

Fox snaring is one of many techniques available and it is certainly one of the most effective when used correctly.

What’s covered on snaring?

  • Legislation and codes of practice relevant to England and Wales
  • How to choose your equipment
  • Snare preparation
  • Selecting snare locations and how to avoid non-target species
  • Humane dispatch of foxes and the release of non-target animals

This course is run in the classroom for the theory, and then the setting of snares and choosing snaring sites will be taught outdoors.

What’s covered on corvid cage trapping?

  • Legislation and General Licence conditions
  • Choosing equipment and traps
  • Where and when to target corvids
  • Avoiding non-target species
  • Managing the public perception and interference when trapping

Corvid trapping will also be taught in the classroom and then there will be the chance to view and evaluate traps outdoors.

Teaching for both sessions will be followed by a short assessment at the end, and all those who pass will receive a certificate.

Snaring, Tunnel Trapping & Corvid Cage Trapping Course, Kent image

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