20 June 2019

"The Grouse Tour" All Wales Car Tour

  • Location / Venue:Lake Vrynwy, Powys
  • Date: 20 June 2019
  • Organiser:Rupert Bev
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GWCT Cymru North Wales Committee invite you and your vehicle of interest to join the GWCT All Wales “Grouse Tour”.

  • 11.30am: Meet at Lake Vyrnwy Hotel for drink and welcome from Anthony Rosser, General Manager Lake Vyrnwy Hotel
  • 12.45pm: 3 course lunch followed by some grousing talk from Duncan Sinclair Willis (GWCT), Upland Keeper. Drive around the Lake approx. 12 miles
  • 4.00pm: Return to Lake Vyrnwy Hotel for cream tea

£50 per person please RSVP:

  • Rupert Bevan • rupertbev@hotmail.com • 07718 518802
  • Please make cheques payable to GWCT North Wales 
  • Each vehicle will be issued with a navigation pack for co-drive

A Case for Support:

Is the protection and promotion of a thriving Welsh countryside important to you?
The Welsh countryside has never faced such uncertain times as it does now. In the light of Brexit, and the intensification of public scrutiny, it is clear that conservation, country sports, rural policy and practice are all facing big changes.

The GWCT in Wales aims for a thriving countryside rich in game and other wildlife, for you and for the future. We can deliver this by aiding those working on the ground and influencing post-Brexit environmental policy in Wales.

Over 80 years of cutting edge research, the GWCT has developed practical solutions for conserving the countryside through proactive, positive management that works with the farmed landscape. We are therefore well placed, with our extensive resource of evidence-based solutions and proven results, to deliver productive changes which suit the Welsh landscape and those that work within it. 

We believe strongly in the need for conservation to be led by those on the ground. It is the farmers, gamekeepers and others who can deliver the best outcomes for conservation, especially when policy is well-designed to aid their work. We work with both land managers and policy makers in Cardiff, advising on best practice countryside management.

Now, more than ever, we need decisions to be based on the sound science that GWCT provides – but we need your support to be able to deliver it.

Our county committees are the backbone of our fundraising efforts. Without their dedicated work, support, enthusiasm and impressive fundraising activities our research would be far less effective. If you would like to see our Welsh countryside conserved for future generations please support our work by becoming a member of the GWCT.

What’s raised in Wales is spent in Wales. Learn more at here.

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