These documents may be useful further reading in support of The Soil and Water Balance.

Please note that these are not GWCT publications.

Practical information

Name Type

Background material

Name Type
The Current Status Of Soil And Water Management In England pdf 0.76 MB Download
The Environmental Consequences Of Adopting Conservation Tillage In Europe pdf 0.26 MB Download
The Impact Of Agricultural Practices On Biodiversity pdf 0.84 MB Download
The Implementation Of Zero Till In The UK pdf 0.91 MB Download
The Spread Of Conservation Agriculture pdf 0.40 MB Download
Water Friendly Farming 2013 pdf 13.95 MB Download
Water Friendly Farming 2014 pdf 4.25 MB Download
Water Friendly Farming 2016 pdf 2.05 MB Download
AHDB Tillage Report 2017 pdf 3.34 MB Download
Building A Common Understanding Of Natural Resource Management And Use Within A Catchment Community pdf 2.88 MB Download

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