Salmon & Sea Trout Appeal


The SAMARCH Project – Improving the way we manage salmon and sea trout in our estuaries and coastal waters

We know that 95% of our salmon and sea trout die at sea after leaving our rivers as juveniles, called smolts. This compares to only 75% in the 1970’s and this is the main reason why the number of adults returning to our rivers has declined so dramatically in recent years.

However, it is not known what proportion of this mortality occurs in our estuaries and coastal waters compared to the open sea.

By using small acoustic tags implanted into salmon and sea trout smolts and the strategic deployment of receivers in the Frome and Tamar estuaries, our new EU project called SAMARCH will provide scientific evidence to answer this key question.

Each tag costs £250 and each receiver costs £1,200. We are using 480 tags and 25 receivers with the EU contributing 69% of the cost. Therefore, we are seeking contributions of £78 and £372 towards the cost a tag and receiver respectively.

Please support the project and help us reverse this alarming decline.

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