2018 Shoot Benchmarking Survey

Shoot Benchmarking Survey

Savills .fwIn association with Savills

Do you want to understand your shoot’s performance better?
Our industry-leading free shoot benchmarking can help you.

Why take part?
To compare your shoot operations against similar shoots, aiding the identification of areas for improvement and refinement. Includes costs per bird put down, gamekeepers’ salaries and prices charged per bird.

What do I get?
Participants receive a detailed benchmarking report which compares their shoot's vital statistics to averages for similar sized shoots. It contains exclusive statistics and trends which are not published elsewhere. An example participant report can be viewed here. Information submitted for the survey is handled in strict confidence.

Who should take part?
Benchmarking can help in-hand, syndicated and let shoots of all sizes.

Please take the survey >

The deadline for submissions is 31 May.

For further information please contact:

Roger Draycott
Head of Advisory Services
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
01440 821325

David Steel
Director, Head of Sporting
01200 411051

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